Clayton’s 6-month update

unnamedI’m not sure how it’s possible that Clayton turned 6 months on September 1, but like I said in my Instagram milestone post, I also feel like I can totally believe it, since every time I take a step back and really look at him, I see a little boy. Every day I see something in him that reminds me he’s not a newborn anymore; he’s a tiny little person! He’s curious, determined, smart, happy, and so funny! Though certain hard phases are over (hello, great sleep and mostly predictable naps), others are unfolding into challenges of their own (teething, and what the heck to do about solid foods?). But overall, we’re happy and healthy over here, and just enjoying watching him figure out the world around him!

With that, I thought it might be fun to do a little 6-month update!

Sleep: Like I said above, sleep is one area that *knock on wood* I feel like we’ve perfected (FOR NOW). He’s always been a pretty good overnight sleeper, and it’s continuing. He pretty much always goes down around 8:30 with virtually no fuss – just a big bottle, a clean diaper, pajamas, sleep sack, white noise machine, nightlight, and pacifier – and though for a while he was steadily sleeping all the way until 7:30 a.m., he’s dialed that back to more like 6:30 a.m., which is still great, and honestly, I like starting the day a little earlier (once I’m up and moving). For a long time, the hardest part about his sleep was naps. We always assumed he was just destined to be a great night sleeper and a problematic napper, but we didn’t mess with anything for fear of ruining his good overnight stretch. Somehow in the last couple weeks (and I’ll give a shoutout to my mom for her diligence in helping us establish this routine with him during the day while she watches him – Go Roma!), his naps have become more predictable. He’ll usually do a shorter morning nap, somewhere in the 10 a.m. hour, and a longer afternoon one, sometimes up to two hours. That’s something we could have never dreamed of before! As with anything else, I’m sure once I pat ourselves on the back and think about how great he’s doing, it’ll change and we’ll be wishing for these days, but for now I am happy with where we are.

Eating: We’re still on Similac Alimentum formula for milk protein sensitivity, which he has been eating since he was about a month old. We toy with the idea of reintroducing the regular milk formula, but I am so nervous about it going poorly that I keep putting it off. Since we introduced solids at 4 months (first rice cereal, then oatmeal, then veggies, now fruits), we’ve been trying to work toward less bottles during the day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and he still wants about as much as he had been getting before the solids. But by and large, he’s pretty regularly doing 5 six-ounce bottles plus two solid meals (a fruit for lunch and a veggie for dinner). So far, he’s loved every single thing we’ve tried, and his favorite (strangely?) has been plums. He literally yells at us to feed them to him faster. I never knew a person to love plums so much! For now I am still making his baby food using a Baby Bullet steamer and my Nutribullet, and plan to keep doing that for as long as I can keep it up. I kept hearing people say it was easy, but was skeptical, especially since I am not very comfortable in the kitchen. But REALLY. It’s easy. I am happy to share what’s been working if anyone is interested! Next on the menu for him will be peaches and pears, and then hopefully after that we’ll be moving away from strictly purees and onto mushy foods and then little bits of regular table food. As I said above, this process is confusing and, like most baby-related things, there seems to be no real science to it, but we’re trying our best and so far it seems to be working out. The kid can eat!

Play: Clayton is suddenly very into everything around him, so we’re doing our best to keep him entertained and focused on the things that are his and away from the stuff we don’t want him to touch but that he inevitably goes for (we need to babyproof ASAP). He’s doing great in his walker – we’re watching him in it and keeping him away from stairs – and jumperoo, and he loves his Eric Carle caterpillar toy and the Curious George stuffed animal Kevin brought back for him from a work trip to Harvard. It’s fun to watch him play with toys he used when he was littler but didn’t know what to do with, like things with buttons and things to twist or push down. I love watching his little baby brain in action!

Milestones: After what felt like 400 years, he finally cut his first two teeth. Hallelujah! Also in the last week or so he began sitting up pretty much unassisted. He’s continued to have fun adventures (Kevin and I were always pretty busy before Clayton arrived, and we’ve made a point to continue making plans and taking day trips or easy overnights and doing as much as we can with him, and it’s actually going really well) – he visited my Uncle Rich & Judy in Rehoboth Beach this weekend and was really interested in the sand this time; had fun meeting his new friend Colt, who’s just a week older than Clayton is!; and just generally enjoys hanging out wherever mom and dad are, just as long as he can still see us! Side note: stranger danger is becoming a very real thing over here, but we found out from the doctor at his 6-month check-up that that’s actually a developmental milestone, and doctors worry if kids around his age don’t show preference toward parents and close family. Who knew?!

Anyway, that’s about it for right now. It’s becoming a REALLY fun, REALLY tiring stage, and I can see it getting even more fun and more tiring fast! We’re looking forward to Halloween and the other fun things that will be coming up. Life is different these days, but in the best way!

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