Dear, Baby Copp


I can’t believe you’re going to be here in just a couple weeks. It seems like forever ago that we found out about you, but it’s also hard to believe it’s already about to happen. The last 8 months have been so much fun – I’ve thought about life in a different way while I wait for you and try to figure out how to be your mom. Some days were hard – I haven’t always felt good, and some days have been overwhelming. There’s so much information out there, so much advice to consider (most of which conflicts with something else I just heard…), but I am hopeful I’ll know what to do once you’re here.

As ready as your dad and I are to meet you, I’ll miss being pregnant with you. Most nights I am awake for at least a couple hours in the middle of the night, and usually you’re moving and wiggling, and since there’s nothing else to do but lie there and wait for morning, I think about you and pretend you know you’re hanging out with me, too.

I am so excited to see your face. I keep trying to picture it. I think you look like your dad in the pictures we have of you. Most people can’t believe we don’t know yet if you’re a boy or a girl, but we think it’s fun. I think you are a boy, but we don’t care! We just want you to be healthy and happy. We don’t know what your name is going to be (we promise, Grandmom Burkholder!) – we have ideas, but we need to decide! I hope that when we see you, we will know.

This weekend, we’re putting together the furniture in your room. Once that’s done, we will decorate it and make sure you have everything you need. You already have so many clothes and toys and books – there are a lot of people who already love you!! – and your pal Mikey keeps taking your toys and hiding them while mom and dad are at work. He thinks they’re his, and I can’t really blame him, because they look pretty much the same! We’ll have to figure out how to teach him. I think you and Mikey are going to be best friends, though, so I don’t think you’ll mind sharing!

I wanted to write this letter so I could tell you about some of the people you’re going to meet and some of the things we want for you as you get older. Right now, I feel so consumed with the material things, even though I am trying not to be. Getting your nursery ready, washing your clothes and sheets, shopping for the rest of what you need. But I know that’s not what’s most important, because you’re going to be so loved.

First I want to tell you about your dad.

He would do anything for us. A few years ago, he drove 8 hours through the night from Baton Rouge to watch me run my first marathon. He made it to the starting line literally minutes before the race began, out of breath from running from his car, still in his suit from the gymnastics meet. I will never forget it. I know he will put you first like he has always put me first, and I am so looking forward to watching him take care of you, play with you, and teach you. At our baby shower, we played a game where people had to write down the thing they hope you inherit from each of us, and almost everyone said they hope you get your dad’s kindness and love of life, and I couldn’t agree more.

There are so many other special people I can’t wait for you to meet. All four of your grandparents live nearby, and we’re so lucky for that. You’re the first grand baby, and they’re going to spoil you! And my mom (we think you’ll call her Roma) is going to watch you a few days a week once I go back to work. Uncle Steve, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Steven, and Aunt Cosette will be your best pals. You will have a big family on both sides, full of interesting (!) characters to meet. We also can’t wait to introduce you to our friends, some near and some far. Some of our very best friends will be having babies right around the time we have you, and it will be fun to watch you grow up with them!

The world is a little crazy right now, and even though your dad and I feel strongly about certain parts of it, we’ll never tell you how you should feel. We just want you to grow up to be kind, especially to people who are different from you. If you don’t understand something, you should ask, and you should always listen.

We’ll teach you about Jesus, and hope you love Him too, but that will be your decision. The most important thing is that you find out who you are and what you believe, and we’ll support you.

We can’t wait to show you Athens. It’s where your dad and I met, where we found Mikey, where we fell in love, and where we got married. On Saturdays in the fall, we watch Georgia, and even though we don’t live there anymore, it’s a part of us. It’s special – you’ll see.

Did you know the Eagles just won the Super Bowl? It was awesome, and guess what, you were here for all of it! You even saw one game in person, in Charlotte. Somehow, I converted your dad from a Jets fan to an Eagles fan, and Sundays are fun because football really means family. Baseball season will be trickier – luckily you don’t really need to choose between the Phillies and Yankees because they don’t bother each other too much. When the weather gets warm, we’ll take you to your first game!

In the summer we go to the beach a lot. On Monday nights we watch the Bachelor. I like to run – I hope that soon I can take you with me when I do! Your dad does most of the cooking, and I love to clean and organize things. You’ll think I’m crazy, just wait. I hope that you’ll love and be kind to animals, and take care of the Earth. More importantly, though, we want you to find the things that you love, even if they’re not the same as what we love. We promise we’ll help you find them.

Most of all, we’re going to love you forever.

See you soon!

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