Baby Updates

I had the best of intentions with this blog. I really did. I actually even thought to myself, “How can I become one of those people who gets paid to blog?” (As if people are chomping at the bit to read my thoughts). But here we are, and I seem to have settled into a nice one-post-a-month routine. I also have grand plans to make sure this doesn’t just become a baby blog, because I really do want it to be a place for me to talk about all kinds of things, but I suppose for right now (and, let’s be honest, the foreseeable future), this is it. So, tonight, I’m putting together a little bit of a 2nd and 3rd trimester mash-up, and reminding myself that it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf!

I think the last time I updated in this way, I was deep-ish in the 2nd trimester, so all I will say this time around is that it really was as magical for me as everyone says. I had energy again; not only was I not sick anymore, but I had a taste for all kinds of foods, even healthy ones (!!); I was working out nearly every day; and although I wasn’t sleeping great (truly, I never do, pregnant or not), I was balancing work and the demands of regular life with baby-growing.

Theeeeeeeese days (34 weeks+1), most of the above has changed a bit, and I am starting to feel pretty relieved that this is all winding down and there’s a light – and a baby! – at the end of the tunnel.

The last few weeks, sleep has been an even bigger challenge. I have little to no desire (or energy) to work out, so I’m just trying to make sure I walk every day and can sneak in a gym workout maybe once a week. I still don’t have any cravings (one of the biggest bummers of this whole thing!), but I really don’t feel like eating much of anything, most of the time. I mean, I’m eating, but it’s random. Cookies (perfect timing, Girl Scouts), cereal, whatever sounds good in that moment. Mostly sweets. I am still handling work and life’s mundane tasks okay, I think, but a lot of things are uncomfortable and I am having a hard time admitting when I need help.

Like I shared last time, Baby Copp will be arriving roughly 3 weeks early (also known as about 3 weeks from now!). Over the last month or so, I’ve developed gestational hypertension (not preeclampsia – at least not yet), and apparently, high blood pressure isn’t something you mess around with. So, we’ll schedule an exact date around the 21st-ish of this month and the nugget will most likely join us the week of the 26th. I am actually really coming around to the idea – which is fortunate, because they didn’t consult me!

January was a crazy month over here between appointments trying to get this stuff under control, and Kevin traveling a lot, but February should be calmer. We were fortunate to be thrown a beautiful baby shower last weekend, and thanks to our wonderfully generous family and friends, Baby Copp has just about everything he or she could possibly need. We have some furniture assembling still to do, but aside from that (I’ll share nursery pics, or maybe a Facebook Live video (???) when it’s finished), I’m caught in between feeling like there’s a) a ton still to do and that I’m the most unprepared mother-to-be in history and b) that all that’s left to do is wait. Strange times!

I’m in the process of transitioning out of work in the next two weeks or so, and once I do that, it’ll be basically baby time!

The last thing I wanted to do was share some of these “bump pics” I felt obligated to take. Clearly I started out, again, with the best of intentions and trailed off, but I am thinking it has to do with eventually not loving what I saw. Pregnancy is weird! In actuality, I’ve gained about 35 pounds, which I think is just fine, and even though I hate those two bottom pictures (HOT MESS EXPRESS), it is amazing watching and learning what goes into growing a person. So, I have tried to be more kind to myself.


With just a couple weeks left to go, I spend most of my time wondering what he or she will be like, and how life is going to change. We got new ultrasound images yesterday, and I’ve just been staring at that blurry face. Like, who are you? What does your future hold? Will I do a good job taking care of you? I love the blurry face so much already, I can’t even imagine meeting and staring at a real person.

My heart is exploding just thinking about it.


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