My 10 Favorites

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They say the second trimester is the best, and for me that’s been the case after a meh first three months. I’m feeling good, not super stressed out (yet), and getting excited. So I figured it was a good time to reflect on my 10 favorite parts of pregnancy, so far:

10. Nursery planning.

While we’ve only purchased a couple things so far, we have mostly everything planned out and decided on, and I’ve reignited my relationship with Etsy. I can see nesting become a very real thing over the next few months.

9. The anatomy scan.

Getting to see so much detail at my 20-week ultrasound was wild, and having Kevin and my mom there made it all the more fun. It was hard to insist we still didn’t want to know the sex, but it was so cool to see little arms and legs and a face that looked (mostly) like a baby and not a blob.

8. Learning to give myself a break.

At some point over the last couple weeks, I had a moment of clarity. I’ve gotten a lot better at just giving myself a break and accepting that these days aren’t all easy, but that I’m doing my best. If I have a day where I’m too tired to work out, I’m learning to forgive myself, and the same goes for a day where I eat like crap and want to do nothing all night after work. I can only get away with this for so long!

7. Decaf Starbucks drinks.

I’ve still been drinking caffeine this whole time (trying to abide by the 200 mg/day recommendation), but it was still great to realize you can order any of the fun Starbucks drinks in decaf. A world without peppermint mochas is not a world I want to live in.

6. Maternity pants.

If I can offer pregnant ladies one piece of advice, it’s this: Invest in the maternity pants with the band that covers your bump. None of the below-the-belly stuff. SERIOUSLY. I might not stop wearing them, ever.

5. A football season to remember.

While not necessarily pregnancy-related, I’m always going to remember the fall before the baby came when both of my football teams were amazing. The Eagles are 10-2 and Georgia is headed to the playoff next month. I can’t wait to tell Baby what he or she missed! (Though, technically, they were in the stadium for one of each!)

4. Thanksgiving 5K.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I ran a 5K with Kevin and my sister, and it was the first time this whole pregnancy that I felt good – well, decent – while running. I’ve mostly given up on it in favor of doing a Beachbody workout at home or using the elliptical or walking at the gym, but that day it felt okay. I didn’t have to walk at all except stopping a few times to stretch, and even though my time was 15 minutes (!) slower than my lifetime PR and about 10 minutes slower than my times from the modern era, I was proud of myself for doing it and amazed that my body could actually finish. All of you gals who run regularly the whole time, even doing crazy things like half marathons, I salute you.

3. Talking about it.

I don’t love attention, that’s for sure, but it is nice to have a built-in item for small talk (my nemesis). People sure do like to ask questions, but I haven’t gotten any of the weird ones yet!

2. The kicking.

The first time I felt a kick – and was sure it was a kick – was surreal, and everything that has happened since the first little one, like feeling it from the outside and actually seeing it move, has been more and more bizarre but so cool. I’ll never forget Kevin’s face the first time he got to feel it, too.

1. Imagining.

One of my favorite pastimes is thinking about what life will be like once the baby is here. I know it will be hard (and I’m sure I don’t even have a remote grasp on how hard) and life will never again be like it is now, but there’s something about the prospect of our new life that is so exciting. It’s like my mom’s favorite quote goes: “Do you think we will do ___________ with Baby?” I want to do all of it.

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