Yay for my first blog post! The idea of having a blog has been a bit of a daunting thought for me, even though I work in social media and run a blog for my job. I had a personal blog years ago that I never ended up sharing with anyone, I think because I was afraid of what people might think about it. It’s hard to put yourself out there. My goal with this one is to be confident enough to share my life and experiences, and hopefully it helps me savor the little things along the way!

A bit about me: I’m a 30-something living on the outskirts of Philadelphia, doing the best I can to juggle the responsibilities of “adulting” – a husband, a job, a dog, a house, two families in the area, and the challenge to stay healthy for myself and for the family we want to grow. For years now, my focus as I set goals has been balance. I sometimes like to think of life as a series of buckets. There’s the work bucket. The family bucket. A bucket for running and one for my relationship with Jesus. The sum total of the buckets is my life, and I want to keep them all full and give them each the attention they deserve. I don’t know if it makes total sense, or if anyone else operates the same way, but it helps me stay focused on what’s important and also reminds me that I’m made up of many parts, often spilling over into one another. That’s what I hope this blog will be – documenting my journey in the day-to-day, yes, but also in a big-picture sense, as I perhaps gain new buckets and lose others – thanks for coming along!


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